Testify More Effectively About Your Limitations

Murfreesboro Social Security disability attorney A Social Security disability hearing is different from a regular court hearing. Erase everything you’ve ever learned or seen on television about hearings. A Murfreesboro Social Security disability attorney can give you the best advice for testifying in your particular case.

In court hearings, lawyers often warn their clients not to provide information that the opposing lawyer does not specifically request. In Social Security hearings, this rule falls by the wayside. Indeed, if you don’t volunteer information, you probably won’t give the judge all the information he or she needs to decide in your favor.

The judge will probably ask you questions like how far you can walk, how much you can lift, and how long you can stand. The best approach is to provide an honest and complete account of your abilities and limitations. Think about these questions before the hearing and prepare examples that make the plain facts come to life.

For example, if the judge asks you how far you can walk, don’t just say, “Three blocks.” Instead, give the judge some insight into your real experience. Explain with factual details such as the fact that you can’t walk more than three blocks without resting, that you tried walking just two blocks to the store for your pain medication and you felt severe pain shooting down your legs, that you limped to a bus stop to rest for 20 minutes, that you had to ask a neighbor to carry the medicine home for you, and that when you got home you had to lie on the couch with your feet up.

These details will paint a picture that a judge will find difficult to ignore. Call the experienced Murfreesboro Social Security disability attorneys at Parker, Toy & Associates PLLC  for advice about your Social Security disability claim.

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