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Parker, Toy & Associates PLLC is a law firm that devotes its time and energy in helping people get the benefits that the Social Security program provides.  We are proud to live in a nation that does not simply abandon its citizens when they become unable to do  regular work.  We think that having each of us pay a small amount of our earnings each payday and then having those earnings saved for the ones of us who, without our fault, fall on hard times, is an honorable system.  We are glad and proud to be a part of the Social Security safety net.

Tennessee Disability LawyersWe have gotten benefits for hundreds of deserving people over the years, who simply can’t work at regular employment any more.  This amounts to millions of dollars for our clients.  Let’s take one example.

Say you are 51 years old.  If luck had been on your side, you could work 15 more years before you retire and then taken your Social Security.  But at 51 the demands of your job, and other physical or psychological misfortunes have made you unable to hold a job.  Because you have been working for the past 30 years and have paid regularly into the program let’s assume you are eligible to receive your Social Security benefits  of $1200 a month.  That’s not a lot, but it is something. What is that worth over your lifetime? If you multiply $1200 x 12 you get $14,400.  Multiply that $14,400 times 15 years and you get $216,000.  Then at about 66 years old that benefit continues until you pass away and that could be another 15 years for a total of $432,000.  That is the safety net that Social Security provides.  We are glad to have a small part in this.

The program is complex and complicated because life is complex and complicated.  People are complex and complicated.  Trying to be fair and not have people abuse the program is complex and complicated.  So the Social Security program has rules and standards that must be met before people are handed their checks.  You must show by convincing medical proof that you have medically disabling conditions and those conditions keep you from working.  Show this proof to the Program and Social Security will  send you the money.  Sloppy proof, half-hearted attempts to get medical help and proof and the Social Security will say NO to you.

What we do is help you be serious about your medical treatment and your attempt to get better so you can go back to work if possible ( We tell everyone that working at a job is better than being on disability.  BUT if you can’t go back to work, we will help you develop the medical proof that will show the Social Security program that you are deserving of the benefits that you and millions of Americans have laid aside in case the disaster of not being able to work happens to you.

Please contact the experienced Tennessee Social Security Disability Lawyers at Parker, Toy & Associates so we can help you get the disability benefits you deserve.

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    • I, Velma, had the good sense to have Mr. Harold Parker represent me with my Social Security disability claim. Mr. Parker and his wonderful assistant, Mrs. Miracle, helped me to complete disability forms and questionnaires. They were both consistently kind... [Read More]

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    • I was running out of strength when I found you and Connie.  You both saved my case!  Just getting through a day is hard for me.  My physical health is often unbearable. Your professionalism, sincerity, and kindness will never be forgotten. ... [Read More]

      Tammy P., client
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